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Bubble Guppies is a CGI-animated children's television series produced for Nickelodeon. The show follows the adventures of six fish-tailed kids: Molly, Gil, Deema, Oona, Goby, and Nonny. Each character has a distinct personality, ranging from silly and rambunctious to sweet and empathetic, making them relatable to a diverse audience of preschoolers. The show combines sketch comedy, edutainment, and musical elements to make learning fun for young viewers.

If you're curious about which Bubble Guppy you resemble the most, you can take a quiz to find out! The quiz asks questions such as What is your favourite animal? and What kind of person were/are you in high school? to determine which character best matches your personality. So, are you ready to dive into the underwater world of Bubble Guppies and discover your inner merperson?

Characteristics Values
Co-host of the show Molly, Gil
Silly, rambunctious Gil
Smart, sings, good friend Molly
Energetic, goofy, centre of attention Deema
Brainy, cautious, calm Nonny
Sweet, sincere, empathetic Oona
Creative, vivid imagination Goby
Imaginative, adventurous Goby
Teacher Mr. Grouper
Loyal to Gil Bubble Puppy
Preschool Greek chorus Little Fish


Gil: silly, curious, and high-energy

Gil is a silly, curious, and high-energy boy who is one of the two co-hosts of Bubble Guppies. He is easily excitable and always eager to get involved with whatever is happening around him. If he sees a ball, he has to throw it; if he sees an electric guitar, he has to play it; and if there's a pig costume lying around, he'll be making pig noises in no time.

Gil is the best friend of Molly, the other co-host of the show, and he often appears alongside her in transitional segments. In these segments, he attempts to do something but with unexpected results, adding a layer of preschool-friendly slapstick humour to the show.

Gil is a great example of how humour can lighten almost any situation. He embodies the curiosity that is innate in many preschoolers and reinforces it through his character. His upbeat energy and insatiable curiosity are infectious, making him great at encouraging others to join in his adventures.

Gil is a brave character who is not afraid to try new things. He is also a talented singer and often performs the pop songs that focus on the episode's main theme, alongside Molly.


Molly: smart, popular, and a great singer

Molly is a smart, popular, and talented singer among the Bubble Guppies. She is the primary host of the show, alongside her best friend, Gil. With her bubbly personality, Molly is well-loved by her peers and viewers. She is a great reminder to kids that one can be both smart and popular.

Molly is a mermaid who does it all! She is a great singer and usually takes the lead on all the songs. She is described as having tan skin, long pink hair, brown eyes, and a striped blue tail and bikini. Her singing voice is provided by Brianna Gentilella in all seasons, while her speaking voice is provided by Bailey Gambertoglio in seasons 3 to 4 and Taylor Kaplan in seasons 5 to 6.

Molly is an important character in the show, often introducing the theme of the episode and appearing in sketches with Gil. She is also known for her catchy songs, which are usually about the episode's main theme. Molly's friendly and outgoing personality makes her a beloved character among viewers, and her intelligence and popularity serve as a positive role model for children.

Overall, Molly is a smart, talented, and well-rounded character who plays a crucial role in the Bubble Guppies series. Her bubbly personality and leadership qualities make her a beloved figure among her peers and young audiences.


Deema: centre of attention with a big personality and hair

Deema is a female Bubble Guppy with a big personality and hair to match. She's energetic, enthusiastic, upbeat, hyperactive, sassy, goofy, zany, and wacky. She loves to be the centre of attention and often finds herself in funny situations as she tries to capture the interest of whoever she's with. She's the series' comedienne and the queen of spunk and chutzpah.

Deema has a wild imagination and often speaks in an operatic, singsong voice. She loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. She likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion, from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically in the same scene. She's always over the top! She likes to dance, act in plays, talk in funny voices, and make silly faces. She's often in the shop segments and sings most of the dance songs. She rarely does lunch jokes but has done a few. She also has a nickname for her good friend Nonny: "Nonners".

Deema is best friends with Molly, and they often sing and dance together. She also has a strong friendship with Gil, and the pair share a love of singing, dancing, showing off, and being the centre of attention. Deema is one of the show's main entertainers, alongside Goby, and the two often work together on stories and performances. Deema is also good friends with Oona, and the pair work well together. They both love baby animals, and once opened a pizza restaurant together.

Deema has fair skin and blue eyes. She has huge, poofy, bright yellow 70's hair. She wears orange hoop earrings. Her tail is orange with yellow polka dots, and her bikini top matches her tail.


Nonny: cautious, intelligent, and anxious about physical activities

Nonny is a brainy, shy, and cautious male guppy. He is intelligent and has a large vocabulary for his age. Nonny is also very polite and mature. He is the most reserved of the Bubble Guppies and tends to worry a lot. He would rather discuss what is going on than participate in the action. Nonny is also anxious about physical activities, such as basketball, and would rather define the word than play the game. He is a background dancer in many episodes, but his dance skills are not as strong as those of the other guppies.

Nonny is best friends with Oona, who is also one of the quieter guppies. He has a good friendship with Gil, who helps him learn to catch a ball in the episode "Fishketball!". Nonny is also close with Deema, who often calls him "Nonners", and Goby, with whom he loves to narrate stories during recess.

Nonny has peach skin, orange hair, and green eyes. He wears blue glasses that look like scuba goggles, and a light and dark green striped tail. He is thinner than the other guppies, which makes his hands look larger. Nonny is also the only guppy who wears glasses and has green eyes and orange hair.

Nonny rarely smiles, and when he does, it is usually just a tiny grin. He is also the quietest guppy, usually only speaking when answering a question. He is allergic to bees and dust, and his favourite colour is orange. He loves to read books and play instruments, especially the keyboard.

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Oona: empathetic, gentle, and sincere

If you identify as Oona, you are empathetic, gentle, and sincere. You are the sweetest of the Bubble Guppies bunch, with a cheerful disposition and a sincere nature. You are sensitive to the feelings of others and are always aware of their emotions. You are the first to jump in and help a friend in need, whether they are sick or sad. You are also likely to show concern for a pet or a plant, offering them loving care.

You are a true friend, and your empathy is a key component of your emotional intelligence. Your gentle and sincere nature means you are always there for your friends, and you can be counted on. You are also curious about the world around you and find wonder in it. You are a great example of how empathy and kindness can lead to better relational skills and success in life.

Oona has purple pigtails and brown eyes, and she wears a purple and dark purple tail with a pink star clip in her hair. She is voiced by Reyna Shaskan, Tori Feinstein, Colby Kipnes, and Mia Lynn Bangunan.

If your child identifies with Oona, they will see themselves as a kind and caring person who is aware of the feelings of others. They will learn that empathy is an important social skill that can help prevent bullying and lead to better relationships.

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Frequently asked questions

Bubble Guppies.

The show follows the underwater adventures of a group of merperson preschoolers.

Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, and Zooli.

Molly is the host of the show, smart, and a good singer. Gil is silly, curious, and energetic. Goby is imaginative and creative. Deema is goofy, dramatic, and loves to be the centre of attention. Oona is sweet, sincere, and empathetic. Nonny is brainy, cautious, and calm. Zooli is an animal expert.

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