Catching Guppies: Brisbane's Best Spots

where to catch guppies in brisbane

Guppies are a popular choice for fish enthusiasts in Brisbane, with a variety of options available to those looking to catch or purchase them. From online retailers to local breeders, there are many places to find these vibrant aquatic creatures in the Brisbane region. One option is to search online marketplaces, such as Gumtree, which offer a wide range of guppies and other fish for sale within the Brisbane area. These listings provide details on pricing, colours, and the age of the fish, with some breeders even offering guidance and support to new owners. Additionally, specialised aquarium shops in Brisbane, such as Aquarium Central and Coburg Aquarium, also offer a diverse selection of guppies for sale, catering to fish enthusiasts looking for specific breeds or colours.

Characteristics Values
Guppy Types Albino Blue Topaz, Blue Tuxedo, Cherry Shrimp, Tiger Endler, Red Albino, Platinum Koi, Swordtails, Mollies, Platies, Neon Blue Flash Tuxedo, Green Cobra, Sunset, Red Blonde, Neon Koi, Blue Moscow, Platinum Snow White, Tuxedo Dragon Tail, Yellow German Micariff, Tiger Snakeskin, Red Dumbo Mosaic, Red King Cobra, Blue Metal Snakeskin, Arctic Blue Pink Custard, Pineapple Sunrise Cobra, Black Moscow, Full Black, Premium Lyretail, Koi Snakeskin, Green Cobra, Tuxedo Koi, Black Elephant Ear, Red Elephant Ear, Red Cobra, Red Elephant Ear Red Mosaic, Blue Panda Dwarf, Pigeon Blood, and more
Guppy Prices $2-50 each, $55 for community, $25-80 for 5, $120 for 6, $35 for trio, $40 for trio, $20 for 20, $50 for pair, $30 for trio, $15 for pair, $40 for trio, $200 for 7
Guppy Pickup Locations Eight Mile Plains, QLD, Gumdale, Toowong Village, New Farm, Rochedale South, QLD, Underwood, Beenleigh, Hamilton, Boronia Heights, QLD, Hillcrest


Guppy varieties in Brisbane

Guppies are a vibrant and colourful addition to any aquarium, and there are many varieties available in Brisbane. From the sound of trickling water to the gentle movement of these aquatic creatures, guppies can bring a sense of calm and serenity to your home or office.

In Brisbane, you can find a wide range of guppy varieties, including the common guppy and its smaller cousin, the Endler. Endlers are very similar to guppies in appearance, but they are slightly smaller and hardier, making them perfect for nano tanks or planted aquariums. Endlers come in a variety of colours and patterns, such as the Japanese Blue Endler, the Black Bar Endler, and the Albino Red Eye Endler.

If you're looking for something more unique, you can find rare guppy varieties in Brisbane, such as the Moscow Guppy, which comes in colours like emerald green, purple, and yellow. There are also snakeskin varieties, including the Red Lace Snakeskin Guppy and the Blue Metal Snakeskin Guppy. For something truly eye-catching, consider the Platinum White Gold Guppy or the 24K Full Gold Ribbon Dumbo Guppy.

For those on a budget, there are also affordable options available, with some guppies priced as low as $2 each. You can find a range of colourful guppies, including males and females, at this price point.

Brisbane also offers a variety of guppy sellers, from passionate breeders to online stores, ensuring that you can find healthy and well-cared-for guppies. Some sellers even offer guidance and support for new guppy owners, making the process of caring for these fish an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Guppy prices in Brisbane

Guppies are a colourful and peaceful fish species that are easy to care for and can be purchased from various sources in Brisbane.

Guppy King

Guppy King claims to have the largest collection of pure-strain guppies in Australia, breeding over 60 rare species on their farm. They offer high-quality, locally bred fish at competitive prices. Guppy King is located on the Gold Coast and is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm.


Gumtree, a popular online classifieds platform, offers a wide range of guppies for sale in the Brisbane region. Prices vary depending on the breed and seller, but some examples include:

  • Platinum Koi Guppy Livebearer: $15 each or $20 for a pair
  • Albino Blue Topaz: $15 each or $25 for a pair
  • Blue Tuxedo: $12 each or $20 for a pair
  • Red Albino Guppies: $15 each, $25 per pair, or $35 per trio
  • Assorted Guppies: $2 each with a minimum purchase of $10
  • Guppies (various colours): $20 for 20

Aquarium Central

Aquarium Central offers a wide range of guppies with prices starting at $2.50 each when purchasing 10 or more. They also offer free shipping on live fish orders over $150.

Brisbane Guppy

Brisbane Guppy offers a huge range of guppies that have been bred from Thailand imports and high-quality breeders. While they do not list their prices, they emphasise the quality of their guppies and the care they provide, including large tanks, clean water, and natural food sourced specifically for guppies.


Guppy breeders in Brisbane

Guppies are a colourful and peaceful fish species that are a delight to care for. If you're looking to buy guppies in Brisbane, there are several breeders and sellers to choose from. Here is a list of some reputable guppy breeders and suppliers in the Brisbane region:

Brisbane Guppy

Brisbane Guppy is a specialist guppy breeder and retailer. They offer a wide range of guppies that have been bred from Thailand imports and the highest-quality breeders. They prioritise the well-being of their guppies by providing them with large tanks, clean water, and natural food sourced specifically for their needs. You can view their guppies online through their gallery, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Gumtree Australia

Gumtree Australia is a popular online classifieds platform where you can find various guppy breeders and sellers in the Brisbane region. One passionate breeder advertises a range of guppy varieties, including Albino Blue Topaz, Blue Tuxedo, and Mixed Guppies. They also offer guidance and support to those new to guppy care. Other breeders on Gumtree offer a range of guppy colours, swordtails, mollies, and platies.

Aquarium Central

Aquarium Central offers a vast selection of guppies with various colours and patterns, such as Neon Blue Flash Tuxedo, Green Cobra, Sunset, and Red Blonde. They provide guppies of different sizes, including 2cm, 3cm, and 3.5cm, and specify the gender of the guppies available. Aquarium Central also offers free shipping on live fish orders over $150.

Coburg Aquarium

Coburg Aquarium, based in Melbourne, offers a wide range of live tropical aquarium fish, including guppies. They have a variety of guppy types, such as Female Assorted, Male Black Elephant Ear, Male Cobra Red, and Blue Panda Dwarf Guppy. Coburg Aquarium provides free delivery for orders over $199 and ensures safe and prompt delivery across Australia.

Guppy's Aquarium Products

While Guppy's Aquarium Products does not sell live guppies, they are worth mentioning as they offer a large range of aquarium products, accessories, and supplies. They have recently relocated to a new building in Burleigh Heads and will provide updates on their reopening.

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Guppy colours in Brisbane

Guppies are known for their wide variety of colours, patterns, and tail shapes. This diversity is the result of selective breeding practices, with breeders continuously introducing new varieties. While guppies come in a vast range of colours and patterns, all of these variations belong to just three main species: Endler guppies, Fancy guppies, and Scarlet Livebearer (or Swamp guppies).

In Brisbane, a wide range of guppy colours are available, including:

  • Albino guppies, which have white bodies, soft pink or red eyes, and hints of other colours.
  • White guppies, which are milky white and bred to eliminate secondary colours, including eye colour.
  • Black guppies, which aim for a charcoal black colour without any secondary hues.
  • Blue guppies, including the electric blue variety and the neon blue variety, which is lighter in colour.
  • Green guppies, which are rare and often include some blue hues.
  • Purple guppies, featuring violet bodies, fins, and tails, sometimes with black around the edges of their fins.
  • Red guppies, with a solid red colour.
  • Yellow-blonde guppies, which are genetically blonde and carefully bred to reduce the black colour gene.
  • Half-black and half-another-colour guppies, including blue, green, pastel (any colour but yellow), purple, red, yellow, and blue-green.
  • Solid-coloured guppies, which can be blue, red, black, or yellow.
  • Bi-coloured guppies, which have a clear base colour and a secondary colour that makes up at least 25% of their tail.
  • Multi-coloured guppies, which have at least three colours, each comprising at least 15% of their body.
  • Koi guppies, which resemble koi fish with red faces, tails, and white bodies.
  • Platinum guppies, which have smooth white bodies and tails.
  • Dragon Head guppies, with a dark body and bright red-orange tails and dorsal fins.

In addition to these solid and mixed colours, guppies also come in a variety of patterns, such as the cobra, leopard, and mosaic patterns.

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Guppy sizes in Brisbane

Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species, and their size varies depending on their gender. Male guppies are typically between 1.5 and 3.5 cm long, while females are larger, ranging from 3 to 6 cm in length. In Brisbane, guppy enthusiasts can find a wide range of colours, patterns, and fin types available for purchase.

In terms of tank requirements, guppies are social fish that thrive in groups, so it is recommended to have at least three in a tank. The smallest tank size suggested for a trio of guppies is a 5-gallon aquarium, but due to their rapid reproduction, a 10- or 20-gallon tank may be more suitable in the long run. Guppies grow to an average of 2 inches in length, and they prefer water temperatures of 76 to 78°F, which can impact their lifespan and breeding rate.

For those in Brisbane interested in purchasing guppies, online sources offer a variety of options, including local breeders and pet stores. Prices can vary depending on the colour, rarity, and source of the guppies, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars for specialty strains.

When setting up a tank for guppies, it is important to consider their water preferences. Guppies thrive in water with a pH level of 7.0 or higher and enjoy hard water with ample amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals. Regular water changes and filtration are also crucial to maintaining water quality and preventing health issues in guppies.

In summary, guppies in Brisbane are available in a range of colours and sizes, with males typically smaller than females. Proper tank setup, water conditions, and care are essential to ensure the health and well-being of these vibrant and popular freshwater fish.

Frequently asked questions

You can buy guppies in Brisbane from Aquarium Central, Gumtree Australia, and Coburg Aquarium.

Some types of guppies available in Brisbane include: Premium Guppy Assorted, Neon Blue Flash Tuxedo, Green Cobra, Sunset, Red Blonde, and Pineapple Sunrise Cobra.

The cost of guppies in Brisbane can vary depending on the type and seller, but they can range from $1 to $30 each or per pair.

Yes, some sellers in Brisbane offer free shipping on live fish orders over a certain amount, such as $150 or $199.

Yes, some sellers in Brisbane offer pickup options for guppies purchased online, and there may also be physical stores in the area that sell guppies and other aquarium supplies.

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