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Bubble Guppies is a CGI-animated children's television series that premiered on Nickelodeon in 2011. The show revolves around the underwater adventures of a group of merperson preschoolers named Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, and Zooli. The show combines sketch comedy, edutainment, and musical genres to teach young viewers about various topics, including colours, construction, outer space, and dinosaurs. You can watch Bubble Guppies on Amazon Prime Video or purchase toys and merchandise related to the show from retailers such as Walmart and Target.

Characteristics Values
Type of Product Toys, TV Series
Platforms Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, Target, Walmart
Genre Animation, Adventure, Family, CGI-animated, Sketch comedy, Edutainment, Musical
Target Audience Preschoolers
Production Companies Jam Filled Entertainment, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Wildbrain Entertainment, Nelvana, Dubway Studios, Rhumba Recorders, Nickelodeon Animation Studio



For children who enjoy watching Bubble Guppies, Amazon Prime Video offers Season 1 of the show, which includes 20 episodes. With a Prime membership, users can watch the season for free. Otherwise, users can sign up for a 30-day free trial to watch the season. Each episode teaches preschoolers school-readiness skills like science, math, and literacy through songs, dances, and laughter. For example, in "The Crayon Prix," children can learn about colours while car racing, and in "The Moon Rocks!," they can explore the solar system.

In addition to the video content, Amazon also offers a range of Bubble Guppies toys. For children who enjoy arts and crafts, there is a Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Deluxe Figure Set Toy Playset of 12, which includes Gil, Molly, Bubble Puppy, Mr. Grouper, and other Guppies. For children who enjoy imaginative play, there is also a Bubble Guppies Swim-sational School Bus toy for kids aged 3 and up. This toy allows children to explore their creativity and imagination while also developing their social and emotional skills through role-playing. For children who enjoy stuffed toys, Amazon offers an 8-inch Bubble Guppies stuffed plush toy set that includes Gil, Molly, Mr. Grouper, and Bubble Puppy. These soft and huggable toys are perfect for cuddling and can provide comfort and companionship to children.

Furthermore, Amazon also offers Bubble Guppies games, such as Molly's Fin-tastic Racer, which is suitable for children aged 3 and above. This game allows children to race with Molly and her friends while also developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Overall, Amazon provides a wide range of Bubble Guppies products, from videos and toys to games, offering both educational and entertainment value for children.



For children who enjoy playing with dolls and action figures, Walmart has the Bubble Guppies Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll, which currently costs $32.33. The Bubble Guppies Gil, Molly, and Bubble Puppy and Mr Grouper Medium 4 Plush Doll Set is also available for $29.99. This set includes 8-10" tall soft toys of Gil, Molly, Bubble Puppy, and Mr Grouper.

For fans of reading, Walmart carries a variety of Bubble Guppies books. The Little Golden Book: It's Time for Bubble Puppy! is a hardcover book priced at $11.63. They also have the Bubble Guppies: Good Boy, Bubble Puppy! Sound Book, which is a board book that makes sounds and is available for $5.11.

In addition to toys and books, Walmart offers Bubble Guppies-themed clothing, such as the Toddler Girl Bubble Guppies Low Top Sneaker, which is currently priced at $16.99.

With a variety of options, Walmart is a great place to find Bubble Guppies products for children's entertainment and enjoyment.

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In addition to these individual toys, Target offers a Bubble Guppies Deluxe Figure Set Toy Playset, which includes 12 characters such as Gil, Molly, Bubble Puppy, Mr.Grouper, and other Guppies. This set provides children with a variety of characters to spark their imagination and create their own underwater adventures.

For collectors or those who enjoy displaying their toys, Target also has several Bubble Guppies vinyl action figure sets. These sets typically come with 12 figures, providing a range of characters for display or play.

Whether your child is a fan of the show or simply enjoys playing with fun and interactive toys, Target's selection of Bubble Guppies offerings is sure to delight and provide hours of entertainment.


Nick Jr

Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr.

About Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is a CGI-animated children's television series produced for Nickelodeon. The show combines sketch comedy, edutainment, and musical genres, and revolves around the underwater adventures of a group of merperson preschoolers named Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, and Zooli. The series first premiered on January 24, 2011, and ran for four seasons until its conclusion on October 21, 2016. However, it was revived for a fifth season on June 4, 2019, and a sixth season premiered on October 19, 2021.

Where to Watch Bubble Guppies

You can watch Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. by tuning in to Nickelodeon. You can also stream the show on Amazon Prime Video, which offers a 30-day free trial.

Bubble Guppies Merchandise

If you're a fan of Bubble Guppies, you can also purchase a variety of merchandise featuring the characters. Walmart offers a range of Bubble Guppies toys, including PVC figures, stuffed plush toys, playsets, and race cars. Target also has a selection of Bubble Guppies toys, such as bath dolls and school buses.


Nintendo DS

The Bubble Guppies Nintendo DS game is based on the Nickelodeon kids TV show of the same name. It was released in 2012 and is rated as suitable for early childhood. The game is no longer in production, but you can still buy it from Amazon, eBay, and GameStop.

Amazon offers both new and used copies of the game, with prices starting at $19.49. GameStop also sells the game for $9.99, or $9.49 for Pro members. On eBay, prices vary depending on the seller and the condition of the game.

The game features Bubble Guppies characters such as Molly, Gil, Deema, Nonny, Oona, Goby, and Bubble Puppy. It includes over 20 interactive activities that teach preschool and kindergarten-level skills. These activities take place in settings like a farm and a city, and they cover topics such as number recognition, pattern completion, shape and color identification, and matching.

Reviews for the game are generally positive, with many parents stating that their young children enjoyed playing it and found it educational. However, some reviewers mention that the game might be too simple for older children.

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You can buy Bubble Guppies toys from Target and Walmart.

Yes, you can watch Bubble Guppies on Amazon Prime Video.

Yes, there is a Bubble Guppies game for the Nintendo DS.

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