Bubble Guppies: Season 3 On Prime?

when will season 3 bubble guppies be available prime

Season 3 of Bubble Guppies is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The season includes 26 episodes, such as The Puppy and the Ring!, The Police Cop-etition!, and The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk!.

Characteristics Values
Season 3
Available on Prime Yes
Number of Episodes 28
Main Characters Molly, Gil, Bubble Puppy, Mr. Grouper, Oona, Nonny, Deema, Goby
Target Audience Preschoolers
Genre Kids, Arts, Entertainment, Culture, Adventure
Skills Taught School-readiness skills like science, math, literacy
Watch Time 20 minutes


'The Puppy and the Ring' in two parts

The Puppy and the Ring, Part 1

In the mythical land of Bubbledom, the evil Night Wizard wants to make it nighttime forever. He steals the magical Ring of the Sun from the Sun King, who usually uses the ring to make the sun rise each morning. Molly, Gil, and Bubble Puppy are selling lemon bubble slushies when they are confronted by the Night Wizard's army, who are on their way to deliver the ring to the Night Wizard. Bubble Puppy finds the ring, and it gets stuck around his neck. The Night Wizard's army sees this and captures Bubble Puppy, but Molly and Gil escape. They are then joined by the Flutter Guppies, the Snow Guppy, and the Under Guppy, who help them on their journey to the Sun King's castle.

The Puppy and the Ring, Part 2

Molly, Gil, Bubble Puppy, the Guppies, and the Sun King's army are trying to get the ring back to the Sun King before the sun goes down forever. They are chased by the Night Wizard and his army, who want to stop them. Bubble Puppy manages to get to the castle, but the Night Wizard captures him. Molly and Gil enter the castle and try to rescue Bubble Puppy, but the Night Wizard blocks their way. The Night Wizard's army surrounds them, but the Guppies arrive and chase the soldiers away. Molly and Gil get the ring off Bubble Puppy and give it to the Sun King, who returns it to his finger. The Night Wizard is upset because he has no friends, but Molly and the others offer to be his friends.

Guppies: Surface, Middle, or Bottom?

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'Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish'

"Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!" is the 10th episode of the third season of Bubble Guppies. It first aired on February 28, 2014.

In this episode, the Bubble Guppies have a substitute teacher: Mr. Grumpfish, who doesn't seem to like anything! The Bubble Guppies try to convince him that their favourite things are worth singing about. They sing about a Beautiful Day, Super, Super, Supermarket, A Color Just Right, Go Down to a Restaurant, Long Time Ago, Got a Bunch of Bones, Sun, Beautiful Sun, and Sing About Everything.

Mr. Grumpfish is unsure about the supermarket, asking what's so super about it. He also doesn't like colours, finding them too colourful, and restaurants, finding them too surprising. The Bubble Guppies try to change his mind through song.

At the end of the episode, when Mr. Grouper returns from his dentist appointment, Mr. Grumpfish admits that he has learned a few things and that he loves the Bubble Guppies.

The episode features songs that were originally featured in previous episodes, including Beautiful Day from "The Spring Chicken is Coming!" and Super, Super, Supermarket from "Bubble Bites!".

Understanding the Tuxedo Guppy Fish

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'Get Ready for School'

Get ready to dive into an underwater classroom with Molly, Gil, and their fishtailed friends! In the first episode of the third season of Bubble Guppies, titled "Get Ready for School!," Oona's little friend Avi is facing his first day of school, and he's feeling nervous. But never fear, because the Guppies are here to show him that school is a fantastic place to learn, play, and make new friends.

This episode is packed with fun and educational segments, songs, and dances that will get your little ones excited about school. From the catchy pop song "Get Ready!" to Deema's School Supply Shop, where Gil learns all about school routines and supplies, it's a fun-filled adventure. Molly and Deema even ride Mr. Grouper like a school bus in the classroom!

Outside, Gil and Molly play together as space students before enjoying some free play time. They build a castle in the block area and draw pictures in the art area, but they keep getting scared by a Space Robot. Eventually, they discover that the Space Robot is stuck in the Space Goop, and they work together to free him. After cleaning up the mess, they all become friends and live happily ever after.

But that's not all; the Guppies also go on a field trip to Avi's preschool to see how he's doing. They find out that he had a great first day and even drew a picture of himself and Oona. It's a heartwarming moment that reinforces the positive message about school.

Through songs, dances, and laughter, preschoolers can learn essential school-readiness skills like science, math, and literacy. So, get ready to splash into school with the Bubble Guppies and make a splash in your child's educational journey!

Fancy Guppies: Water Requirements

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'The Police Cop-etition'

In "The Police Cop-etition!", Officer Miranda teaches Gil and his friends about the importance of laws and how police officers use them to keep us safe. The Bubble Guppies learn about the role of police officers in maintaining safety and order in their community. Through songs, dances, and laughs, they discover how laws are essential for everyone's well-being.

In this episode, the Bubble Guppies explore the concept of law and order in their underwater classroom setting. Officer Miranda, a friendly police officer, joins them to explain how laws work and why they matter. She engages the Guppies in interactive activities and fun discussions, helping them understand the importance of following rules.

During the lesson, Officer Miranda highlights how laws create a safe and harmonious environment for everyone. She shares stories and examples of how police officers uphold these laws, ensuring that their community is a pleasant place to live, work, and play. The Guppies are excited to learn about the daily duties of police officers and how they contribute to their community.

Throughout the episode, the Bubble Guppies participate in role-playing activities, pretending to be junior police officers themselves. They put their knowledge into practice by demonstrating how they can help keep their community safe. The Guppies learn about traffic rules, the importance of reporting crimes, and how to be good citizens. They also discover the different equipment and tools that police officers use in their daily duties.

By the end of "The Police Cop-etition!," the Bubble Guppies have a deeper understanding of the role of police officers and the significance of laws. They realise that laws are like rules that everyone needs to follow to ensure fairness and order. The Guppies earn their honorary junior police officer badges, feeling proud of their newfound knowledge and sense of responsibility.

"The Police Cop-etition!" is a fun and educational episode that teaches young viewers about the importance of law and order in society. Through the Bubble Guppies' adventures, children can learn about the role of police officers, the concept of laws, and the value of being good citizens. It encourages kids to see the positive impact of following rules and working together to create a safe and happy community.


'The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk'

"The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk!" is the third episode of the third season of Bubble Guppies. It first aired on September 23, 2013, in the US and on October 30, 2013, in the UK.

In this episode, Gil, who loves elephants, dresses up as one and interrupts Molly as she is about to introduce the show. Later, Gil is seen looking for elephants through a pair of binoculars. He sees two large grey figures that resemble elephants but is disappointed to find out that they are just large rocks. Molly and Gil then head to school, pretending to be elephants.

At school, Mr Grouper talks about elephants and their body parts, and Molly sings "The Elephant Song!". Oona tries to buy a stuffed elephant from Deema, but it has a piggy nose and kitty ears. With help from the viewers, Oona finds the right parts. Nonny then delivers the lunch joke, an "Elephant Soup-rise". Molly teaches the viewers about how elephants make a sound with their trunks, called trumpeting. Gil comes in with a trumpet and plays it on the wrong end, despite Molly's instructions. Brendan then comes in and plays the trumpet correctly, blasting Gil out of the scene.

The episode also features the songs "The Elephant Song!", "The Elephant Dance", and "Elephant Souprise".

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