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The Bubble Guppies are a group of six fish-tailed kids: Molly, Gil, Deema, Oona, Goby, and Nonny. They are the students of Mr. Grouper, their beloved teacher, at an underwater preschool. The show revolves around their adventures and experiences, incorporating comedy, music, and educational content. Each Guppy has a distinct personality, making them relatable to a diverse range of young viewers. Molly, for instance, is bubbly and friendly, while Gil is silly and energetic. Together, they explore various themes, such as dinosaurs, music, and recycling, through songs, stories, and imaginative play.


Molly: a bubbly, Hispanic girl with pink hair who co-hosts the show with Gil

Molly is a bubbly, Hispanic girl with pink hair who co-hosts the Bubble Guppies show with her best friend, Gil. She is a great singer and often takes the lead on songs, as well as being very smart and having a lot of friends. She is a good reminder to kids that you can be both smart and popular. Molly is described as having a bubbly personality, and every guppy wants to swim with her. She is also a good friend to Gil, who is silly and easily curious.

Molly is not afraid to be the centre of attention and often turns to the camera to talk directly to the audience, ensuring they stay at the centre of the action. She is brave and adventurous, always ready to join Gil in his escapades. She is also a good leader, as shown by her role as co-host and her natural singing talent. Molly is a great role model for young viewers, especially with her combination of intelligence and popularity.

Molly is voiced by several actors, including Brianna Gentilella, Bailey Gambertoglio, and Taylor Kaplan. Her singing voice is provided by Gentilella in all seasons. Her bubbly personality and pink hair make her a memorable character, and her friendship with Gil is a highlight of the show.


Gil: a silly, high-energy boy who loves to throw balls and play electric guitar

Gil is a silly, high-energy boy and the co-host of Bubble Guppies. He is curious and easily excitable, always eager to throw a ball or play an electric guitar. His upbeat energy and curiosity make him a great leader, encouraging others to join in his adventures. Gil is also easily scared and often gets into trouble, providing preschool-friendly slapstick humour.

Gil is best friends with Molly, who is the other co-host of the show. He is also good friends with Goby, another boy in the group. Gil has fair skin, blue hair and blue eyes, and wears a green and forest green tail.

In the show, Gil often appears alongside Molly in transitional segments, where he attempts to do something but with unexpected results. He is known for his humour and innate curiosity, typical of preschoolers.

Gil is primarily voiced by Zachary Gordon, who is known for his role as Greg Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. Other voice actors for Gil include Jacob Bertrand, Jay Gragnani, Quinn Breslin, Teddy Walsh, Nirvaan Pal, and Brody Bett.


Deema: a dramatic, energetic girl with big hair who loves to be the centre of attention

Deema is a dramatic and energetic girl with big hair who loves to be the centre of attention. She is one of the main characters in the CGI-animated children's television series Bubble Guppies, which premiered on Nickelodeon in 2011. Deema is known for her wild imagination and often plays the role of the shopkeeper in the "store" segments of the show. She is portrayed as a human guppy with fair skin, large curly blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears an orange tail and bikini with sunglow polka dots and orange earrings.

Deema's personality is described as larger than life, and she is always looking for ways to capture the interest of those around her. She frequently speaks in an operatic or exaggerated voice, sings in funny voices, imagines outlandish situations, and dances. She is also known for her love of telling jokes and making others laugh. In one episode, she even becomes the main antagonist, "Dirty Deema", showcasing her dramatic and energetic nature.

In terms of relationships with other characters, Deema is best friends with Molly, one of the co-hosts of the show. Deema's playful and over-the-top style is often on full display when she is playing or leading the audience in a dance. She also frequently interacts with Oona, a sweet and empathetic character who is Oona's best friend. Deema's imaginative and dramatic personality provides a contrast to Oona's sensitive and gentle nature.

Deema has been voiced by several actresses throughout the show's run, including Angelina Wahler, Grace Kaufman, Catherine Bradley, and Zoe Glick. Her singing voice in season 1 was provided by Selena Gonzalez.


Oona: a sweet, empathetic girl who is aware of others' emotions and loves to care for pets and plants

Oona is a sweet, empathetic girl who is aware of others' emotions and loves to care for pets and plants. She is a sincere and gentle little girl who is sensitive to the feelings of those around her. She is the one most likely to jump in and help someone who is sick or sad, and she always shows concern for others. Oona is super-aware of the feelings of others and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand. She is described as the most empathetic of the Bubble Guppies, and her ability to put herself in others' shoes is a key example of emotional intelligence. This social skill is an important aspect of the show, as it teaches young viewers about empathy and helps prevent bullying.

Oona has purple pigtails and wears a purple and dark purple tail with a pink star clip in her hair. She is best friends with Nonny, and they frequently play together. When not with Nonny, she spends time with Deema. Oona is a human guppy girl with a sweet personality, and she is voiced by various actors, including Reyna Shaskan, Tori Feinstein, and Colby Kipnes.

In addition to Oona, the Bubble Guppies crew consists of Molly, Gil, Deema, Goby, Nonny, and Mr. Grouper, their teacher. The show focuses on a group of preschool-aged merperson children and their underwater adventures. It combines sketch comedy, edutainment, and musical genres, with songs, parodies, and lessons on various topics such as math, pre-reading, and the environment. The Bubble Guppies exhibit a wide range of personalities and social attributes, ensuring that young viewers can identify with the characters and learn important social skills.

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Nonny: a cautious, intelligent boy who would rather define basketball than play it

Nonny is a brainy, cautious, and overly calm guppy boy. He is one of the Bubble Guppies, a group of six fish-tailed kids—Molly, Gil, Deema, Oona, Goby, and Nonny—who go on underwater adventures. Nonny is the most intelligent and mature member of the group. He is also the most polite and is Oona's best friend. He is smart and often helps his friends by answering their questions or helping them with pronunciations.

Nonny is characterised by his cautious and intelligent nature. He is more likely to comment on an activity than participate in it and has a penchant for using advanced vocabulary for his age. Physical activities, such as basketball, make him feel unsure, and he would rather define the sport than play it. Despite his cautious nature, Nonny has a persevering spirit. With encouragement from his friends, he often triumphs in the end.

Nonny has orange hair, green eyes, and wears a green and kiwi green striped tail with blue scuba glasses. He is voiced by Eamon Pirruccello in seasons 1–2, Jet Jurgensmeyer in seasons 3–4, and AJ Kane in seasons 5–6. His singing voice is provided by Eason Rytter in season 3.

Frequently asked questions

The Bubble Guppies are called Molly, Gil, Deema, Oona, Goby, and Nonny.

Molly and Gil are the co-hosts of the show.

Mr. Grouper is the Bubble Guppies' teacher.

Yes, in Season 5, a new character called Zooli was introduced.

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