Petco: Fish For Sale?

does petco have fish for sale

Petco has a wide range of fish for sale, including live freshwater and saltwater fish. They also have a selection of fish tanks, kits, and stands, as well as other aquarium supplies.

Petco does not have a policy of buying unwanted fish, but some stores may accept them as donations.

Characteristics Values
Fish for sale Freshwater fish, saltwater fish, shrimp
Fish types Betta, tetra, guppies, goldfish, cichlids, koi, cory catfish, etc.
Other products Tanks, stands, equipment, filters, lighting, food, etc.
Deals Up to 50% off, 20% off, 10% off, buy one get one free, etc.
Other services Repeat delivery, same-day delivery, curbside pickup, etc.


Live Freshwater Fish

Setting up a freshwater fish aquarium can bring a serene nature scene into your home. Maintaining your live fish habitat is often a rewarding form of pet care that allows you to personalise your fish's environment to suit your tastes and their needs.

If you're a new aquarist, consider what size aquarium you want and what types of plants and décor you would like to include. This can help determine which fish you choose and how many. Or, if you have particular freshwater fish in mind, be sure the aquarium and accessories you choose are right for them.

Petco fish come in many colours and kinds—from slender rainbow sharks to showy neon guppies. When looking at live freshwater fish for sale, it's very important to note their social needs and temperaments. You want to help create a peaceful environment, and some fish will get along better than others. Different fish breeds usually prefer different parts of the aquarium, too, so find the right types of fish at Petco for a balanced community.

Compatibility is about more than personality when it comes to live fish. Freshwater and marine fish obviously cannot live in the same habitat, but not all freshwater fish thrive together either. Your freshwater fish pets who share an aquarium should all require similar elements like water temperature, pH balance, live plants and décor, and food types. This ensures that they are each in an environment that is well-suited for them.

Petco freshwater fish range in characteristics across social type, swimming areas, diet, level of care, and water preferences. Some options include:

Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish often prefer the bottom of the aquarium and are usually natural and effective cleaners. They can thrive in schools and usually get along well with small- and medium-sized peaceful fish.


These fish are popular for their vibrant colouring and graceful fins. Unlike cory fish, they prefer their own space with a comfortable place to hide.


Perhaps the most common fish pet, goldfish are often the longest-living freshwater fish. When well cared for, they can live up to 15 years. They can be great community fish and will most likely do well with others of their temperament.


This freshwater fish comes in many varieties, including firemouth, albino tiger Oscar, and demasoni. They can be very interesting to observe but also can be territorial. It's appropriate to keep different kinds of cichlids that don't compete for the same food and space. Learn more with Petco's Cichlid Family Care Sheet.

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Live Saltwater Fish


LiveAquaria offers a wide selection of healthy marine fish for saltwater aquariums, including angels, clownfish, gobies, tangs, and wrasse. They cater to both beginners and seasoned hobbyists, providing quality aquatic life. LiveAquaria also has a Diver's Den, where you can find What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get marine fish. offers a range of saltwater fish, such as the Banggai Cardinalfish, Chocolate Chip Starfish, and Green Mandarin Goby. They also provide how-to videos and articles on saltwater aquarium care and guides on various marine life species. Additionally, they have a new brand, Oceans' Garden Aquaculture, offering products from aquaculturists like ORA, Proaquatix, Eye Catching Corals, and ACI Aquaculture.


Fish Food & Feeders

Petco offers a wide range of fish food and feeders to meet the needs of your aquatic pets. From automatic fish feeders to vacation feeders, you can ensure your fish are well-fed whether you're at home or away.

Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders are a great option to feed your fish consistently and accurately. They can be programmed to dispense the correct proportions of food, preventing overfeeding and keeping your filters clog-free. Petco offers a variety of automatic feeders, including the Imagitarium Automatic Fish Feeder and the Oase FishGuard Automatic Fish Feeder.

If you're heading out of town, vacation fish feeders are a great option to ensure your fish are fed while you're away. Petco offers a range of vacation feeders, such as the Tetra Vacation Tropical Slow Release Feeder and the Aqueon Tropical Fish Vacation Feeder 7 Day.

Fish Food

Petco carries a large assortment of fish food to meet the dietary needs of various fish species. Their selection includes:

  • Freshwater fish food
  • Saltwater fish food
  • Frozen fish food
  • Betta fish food
  • Shrimp-freshwater
  • Catfish-Corydora
  • Pond fish food

Petco's fish food options are designed to promote the health and vitality of your fish. They offer formulas that support a healthy immune system, enhance your fish's natural colors, and provide essential protein.

Fish Food Accessories

In addition to fish food and feeders, Petco also offers feeding accessories to make mealtime easier. Feeding rings and stations help keep floating fish food contained, preventing waste and reducing the risk of clogged filters.


Fish Tanks, Aquarium Kits, and Stands

Fish Tanks and Aquarium Kits

Fish tanks and aquarium kits are available in a range of sizes, from 6.8 gallons to 55 gallons. Some kits include a filter, filter cartridge, lighted hood, water conditioner, and fish food.

Fish Tank Stands

Fish tank stands are available in a variety of colours and finishes, including wood and metal. They are also available in a range of sizes, from 10 gallons to 75/90 gallons.


The setup process depends on whether you are setting up a freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

If the tank is new, you should only add your first fish to properly cycle your fish tank. Cycling a new tank could take a number of weeks. If adding fish to an existing tank, they must be properly acclimated before being introduced to their new habitat.

With fishless cycling, you will need to start the cycle before your fish arrive so that the tank is ready once they are received. Since there are no fish, you will need to add ammonia to replicate the waste your fish will produce. With fish-in cycling, start with only a few fish and gradually increase the feeding over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The general rule is one inch of fish for every gallon of water.

Keep your pet's home tidy with monthly cleanings. No chemical cleaners are needed. Dismantle filters and lift tubes to remove clogged debris. Stiff brushes, magnetic cleaning blades, and scrub brushes with long handles can help remove algae from the tank's sides.

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Fish Bowls

  • Cory Catfish
  • Betta
  • Goldfish
  • Cichlid
  • Rainbow shark
  • Neon guppies
  • Elephant ear guppies
  • Red blonde guppies
  • Red cap Oranda goldfish
  • Calico Ryukin goldfish
  • Butterfly koi
  • Twinbar solar flare swordtail
  • Blue turquoise discus
  • Calico fantail goldfish
  • Red eye scissor tail guppy

When setting up a freshwater fish aquarium, it is important to consider the size of the aquarium, the types of plants and décor, and the social needs and temperaments of the fish.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Petco sells both live freshwater and saltwater fish.

Yes, Petco sells a variety of fish tanks, including glass aquarium tanks and rimless flat-panel aquarium kits.

Yes, Petco has various deals on fish and fish tanks, including discounts on select tanks, heaters, lighting, tank stands, and water treatments.

No, Petco does not buy unwanted fish. However, some Petco stores may accept unwanted fish as donations.

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